9 Most Effective Lead Nurturing Strategies For Business Growth

9 Most Effective Lead Nurturing Strategies For Business Growth

Lead Nurturing is a crucial part of business strategy. These strategies and tactics make an impact on customers’ decisions. Either they want to convert or not. So, keenly select the strategies that you will take along for nurturing leads.

Select the lead nurturing strategies that go well with your niche. There are numerous ways to nurture leads including gated content, multi-channel nurturing, on-time follow-up & updates, email marketing, surveys, and more. 

Still, there are many challenges that a marketer faces while crafting an effective strategy. There is an opportunity for market savvy to know what can make strategy work and sustain this competitive edge. Let’s Get On track 

What is Lead Nurturing? 

Lead Nurturing is a process divided into three stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. These strategies purposefully engage the target audience by offering relevant info, solutions, and support at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

The leads generated by your sales or marketing team are not always ready to convert. There are chances that the lead might have some concerns and questions about your product/services. Priority is to answer them and assist them in making their decision to convert or not.

This is where the lead nurturing strategy’s role comes into play. The way you build your brand image in the awareness stage for buyers. So that they make favorable decisions for your business. Frame an effective and relevant strategy and know how it works. 

Importance of Lead Nurturing Strategies 

There are about 50 % of marketers don’t nurture leads.

That sounds like they have missed opportunities and left them untapped. If you have any thoughts like “if I am wasting my time on lead nurturing efforts?”. Do understand the Importance of lead Nurturing for business growth. 

Many more factors describe the importance of Lead nurturing strategies. For the Sales and marketer team, it is essential to create an engaging strategy that works well. This way they can justify their job role and achieve goals more effectively.

9 Effective Lead Generation Tactics 

Although there are many lead-generation tactics, we have crafted some essential strategies that will assist you in planning your next move. We have mentioned some lead generation strategies to effectively nurture and re-engage leads.

1. Content Marketing

Content plays a vital role to generated leads and make your efforts successful. Select an effective and relevant content marketing plan that will support your lead nurturing strategies ahead.

Create compelling, engaging, and relevant content that impacts customers’ decision-making process in a way. While creating the content for lead nurturing strategies, you can create consistent, relevant content that talks about the buyer’s journey events.

Content is the core of every marketing team effort to make the content plan engaging and appropriate.  

2. Nurture Your Existing Lead

Nurture your existing leads and take follow-ups on the leads on time. Existing Lead nurturing is a crucial factor that can help you to maintain customers and give them a better user experience.

Automated lead nurturing can help to automate the services like email, phone calls and SMS, and more. A timely follow-up and offer of a smooth customer experience can help to widen your leads network.

3. Use Multi Channels Tactics

Multi-channel lead nurturing tactics have multiple communication channels to engage and build bonds with potential leads. These tactics include email marketing, social media, automation, paid ads, retargeting, content marketing, sales outreach, and more.

By diversifying your communication channels, you can reach leads through their preferred methods and provide the required information in the buyer’s journey. It helps buyers to make purchase decisions. Build trust and increase the likelihood of converting inbound leads into sales opportunities.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing tactics have always been an effective lead-nurturing strategy. Connect with your leads by sending them emails. You can create a strong email list of your clients and then set up an automated email campaign.

A lead who has given you their email address is more likely to become your customer. Craft a personalized, relevant, informative, and effective email campaign and newsletter. You have to create content that is relevant and leads to find it interesting to read.

5. Personalization

Recent studies have found that many customers switched businesses due to a lack of personalization.

  • Create unique and personalized content for your landing pages. Avoid using the template scripts on your landing page, as they don’t give a personal hint to the content.
  • Create a strong bond with the customers and outreach customers over emails or phone calls, with personalized information about your business offers or updates. Follow this after 8 weeks, so customers identify you and your brand be on top of their minds
  • You can send personalized emails and newsletters to customers or leads. By combining marketing personalization with behaviourally triggered emails, send the most relevant marketing messages to the appropriate recipient.

6. Combine Sales And Marketing Strategies

When you align sales and marketing strategies and expect better results for conversions. Sales and Marketing is the best way to make your lead nurturing strategies work for your business.

They identify buyers’ journey, builds brand awareness, and make buyers make their purchase decision. To accomplish goals of lead nurturing strategies, acknowledge lead scores, workflow implementation, conversion events, and more.

7. Build Partnerships And Conduct Events

Partner with other businesses in your industry to cross-promote each other’s products or services. This is a great way to reach a new audience and generate leads. Conduct corporate events, or go live where you address the audiences about the product/ services you have for their use.

These events help to gather an audience who are interested in your product/services. There is a greater chance that they might convert and become your customers.

8. Evaluate The Lead Scores

So, the lead scores refer to what is assigned by you, which depends on the behaviors of lead nurturing strategies performances. These scores are based on the performances and effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

The scores will help to select the strategies that work well and increase the conversation rate. For example: if you add a subscribe button to an email you will give it 5 points, if the user lands on your landing page, then you assign it 10 Points, if the user fills in the form details you give another 10 points.

If a user makes an action on purchasing a product or service you add 20 points. This is the way you can add lead scores for better clarity.  Assigning the lead score, you can check which leads is more active, this can be used in your strategy ahead.

9. Surveys

The survey is a method of gathering information using relevant questions to understand user behaviors and user journeys.

The survey combined with user behavior data for qualifying leads and understanding buyers’ perspectives. Make sure that the pitch for the survey should not too early. The questions asked in surveys should be relevant and should resonate with the buyer’s journey.

Identify a stage when you can pitch for a survey for leads. Observe which pages they visited the most, what triggered them to make purchases, ask them about goals in the survey, and more.

Create an individual lead nurturing journey for each lead. This can help you to make changes in your plan and make informed decisions ahead.

Over To You 

Remember there are no specific tactics that work for all leads. You must understand that each lead has a different mindset, requirements, priorities, and budget. Evaluate leads using their buying behavior. Expect you are going to learn something new every time from leads.

There are multiple platforms and audiences you should identify how will your next strategy work. Hope the given factors can help you to formulate an effective lead nurturing strategy. Start trying these tactics today!

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