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How to use Answer the public

How To Use Answer The Public To Generate Fresh Content Ideas

Have you heard of organic traffic? Organic traffic is those visitors that land on your website as a result of unpaid (organic) search results. Talking about paid traffic, they are the visits that are generated by paid ads. If we compare both then organic traffic will come more as compared to paid traffic. For increasing traffic, the quality of your content should be informational, excellent, and readable. Answer The Public provides you with the best content ideas that easily rank on Google SERP.

Organic traffic constitutes 53% of traffic to websites worldwide

The best thing about organic traffic is that it’s free. So, it is worth time-investing in your blog. And for choosing the best topic that ranks higher as well, Answer The Public would be the best platform. 
Now, let’s talk about Answer The Public. It is the platform that offers you the best topic to create and content and with the help of this content, you can reach out to a larger audience as it provides those topics in which the audience is most interested. It helps you explore relevant keywords.

Let’s Look at These Sequential Steps to Using Answer The Public For Your Content Marketing:

1. Ask the Right Questions

Asking the relevant questions will shower you with high search volumes for keywords. Sometimes people keep scrolling for their entertainment instead of searching for keywords and topics. If you want your content to rank higher then try your best to look for the best answers to the question you have searched for. Go to the website of Answer the Public and search for the keyword and you will find innumerable topics and that too with higher volume searches. Answer The Public categorizes various keyword suggestions and presents them in a visually appealing way, in the form of “search clouds,” which can be accessed by scrolling down.

These Categories Include: 

  • Questions: Phrases around the seed keyword along with five W’s (When, where, what, why, and who) and with “can,” “will,” “which,” etc.  
  • Prepositions: Related keyword ideas with “for” “is” “near” and “with” after the keyword.
  • Comparisons: Keyword ideas with “and,” “vs.,” “or,” etc. 
  • Alphabeticals: Keyword suggestions followed by every letter of the alphabet.
  • Related: Other phrases related to the seed keyword.
Answer The Public

2. Ensure That It’s Relevant

Although Answer the Public shows all the relevant questions but you have to closely watch what are the requirements that your company demands. There are multiple topics that you will find on this platform and there is a possibility that you may create confusion in your mind about those topics. Determine the company’s objectives, mission, and vision. Apart from it, you can see the samples of similar companies and then proceed with writing after choosing the relevant topic concerning your company.

3. Create Content That Answers Those Questions

After choosing the topic, it is now necessary to answer the questions in the content itself that people have been asking for. If you answer their questions properly and to the point then Google will rank your content well on its platform. Along with it, if your content is of high quality and people can connect to your content well then there is a high chance that it will show up in the search results which will automatically lead to traffic. 

4. Fabricate Your Product into Content

Whenever you create content, keep the customer’s viewpoint in mind. Ask yourself, what type of blog interests them to read and what you want them to do after reading your blog. You want them to purchase your product or services, sign up for the newsletter and make them follow your social media account. Every blog they refer to on your website creates another step toward conversions. 

5. Optimization

Answer the Public is a great tool to go for the SEO approach. Scrutinizing those keywords and making them place perfectly in your blog so that search volume increases and Google can rank your blog well. Include the latest trends in your answers and find out the keywords that people search for. In addition to it, create a link that is to be attached to your blog to generate more leads. It’s not enough to just write content by choosing from Answer the Public and then posting it. Remember, if you won’t optimize it. Google will never rank your content among the top.

It is always advisable to refer to Answer the Public as it will save you time and effort. Thinking randomly about the topic will not suffice the requirement as you may choose those topics that your audience isn’t looking for. As a result, your content will not be ranked. The whole process discussed above is quite crucial for the growth of your business and for boosting conversions.

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