Tips to Write Killer Blog Titles To Get More Clicks

Tips to Write Killer Blog Titles To Get More Clicks

Titles are the first and foremost element that you need to consider before writing a blog. Among so many websites that write blogs, you need to outshine others and provide valuable content to the audience which is worth reading.

However, it may be an uphill task because for choosing a title you have to know what you are going to write, what the context is, and what good ranking is among Google searches. 

killer blog title

There is a saying “First impression is the last impression”.

If you want to make your blogs worth reading, you must create an impressive title to increase traffic. And this title is the first impression that hits the brains of the audience.

Titles make the readers reach your page which ultimately increases your presence over the internet. Make the headlines so that it catches the readers’ interest and attention in just a blink of an eye. Arouse curiosity in them that they always look for your page for information and would like to visit it again and again.

How Many Of Us Read The Whole Article/Blog After Clicking On The Title?

80% of people will judge your page on the basis of the title and the rest 20% will only read the article.

So, what do you think? From where would the traffic come? 80% or 20%? Tempt your audience to continue reading your blog more and more. 

Other than this, take the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concept into consideration because this is the tool that helps you drive more and more traffic. 

11 Tips For Writing A Captivating Blog Title: 

killer blog title

1. Use Numbers or Statistics For More Transparency

Many content creators have noticed that when stats or number is included in the titles, the chances of getting more clicks increase manyfold. Though they may not read the whole blog they will surely read all the points you mentioned. It will trigger them to read more as numbers and stats are appealing to the audience.

E.g., you want to travel to Himachal and mesmerize by the beauty of it but you are not aware of the tourist destinations there. So, if a link says “10 most famous places to visit in Himachal”, it will become easier for you to get to know more about Himachal and its famous destinations without hustling here and there.

This is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your page. Be odd, not even. Studies suggest that starting with odd numbers will entice visitors to view your page. 

2. Add A Story To Your Blog Title To Generate Curiosity

Everyone loves a good story. Generate curiosity among the audience by providing a mysterious title or half story through which they will be very keen to know the whole story by clicking on your link. E.g., if you write “Money Heist”, it won’t catch their attention.

add a story

Still, if you mention “Money Heist Season 2”, it will immediately captivate your readers’ attention and compel them to visit your page. Don’t be very hazy about the title. Always be specific. 

3. Avoid Misleading Blog Titles

You must have seen many pages in which the title generates keenness but when you visit that particular page, you find nothing useful or readable. It is about the titles and the valuable content/blog you provide to the audience.

Win their trust through your website and be genuine for your content which will help you gain more audience. But if you are publishing content that is not worth reading and if they feel like they have wasted their time, they will never visit your page again and as a result, you will lose your audience. So, be authentic and genuine. 

4. The Blog Title Should Be Solvable

Nowadays people are suffering from so many problems. For this, they switch to the one and only Bhramastara i.e., the INTERNET. Most people start with “how to” to search for their concerned problem. Make the title which reflect the common problems of people. Searchers often use “why”, “how”, “what”, and “when” to look for solutions.

If you add these types of keywords in your title then it would make it ideal to rank among the top in SEO. Showcase your solution to the readers in such a way that they would like to visit it again and again keeping in mind the titles for SEO. 

5. Optimization And Keywords

As per HubSpot,

The title should of 70 characters to make it rank well.

According to Brian Dean, if you start your title with a keyword, there are high chances to increase the optimization of your post and to rank among the top in search engines.

Look for the keywords which actually top. Before writing a title for a blog, make sure to search its volume, SEO difficulty, etc. Choose the keyword with the highest volume and less SEO difficulty and keep it at the beginning of the title. 

6. Trigger Emotive Power Words

For eye-catching titles, use emotive words to trigger your audience. The powerful and triggering words will have more effect on their brains than just selecting monotonous titles for your blog. Strong words have the power to turn the store-browsers into blog readers and are a super easy way to gain more clicks. Not only more clicks but also more shares of blogs.

Stop using tedious words like “nice”, “great”, “interesting” etc. Gone are the days for these. Also, do keep in mind not to use heavy words or high vocabulary which doesn’t make head and tail for the public. Use simple yet powerful words. 

7. Write Multiple Blog Titles

Before choosing the best title, try out and experiment with various titles. Keep writing the titles until you are satisfied. Share it with your team members and take their opinion and then go for the best. Brainstorm your ideas and pen them down. Collaborative ideas are much more effective than adopting an individual approach. Group ideas help us to look at another side of the coin as well and help us determine the best of the best titles for the blog.  

8. Ask Questions

The act of asking a question engages the reader, while punctuation, like numbers and digits, captures their attention.

  • Do you think you know SEO? Quiz yourself and find out!
  • Are you interested in building a snowman? Read This Guide First.
ask questions

9. Break Conventions

Controversial headlines pique the curiosity of readers and entice them to click.

Headline Examples:

  • What are the reasons behind labeling the iPhone 5 as a piece of crap?
  • Is your CTR as important as you think?

10. Address Readers in 2nd person

While 2nd personal prose is known for its awkwardness, it becomes the ideal form for headline writing as it grabs readers’ attention by directly addressing them.

For Instance,

  • Do you believe you have a thorough understanding of Game of Thrones? Put your knowledge to the test with our quiz and discover the truth!
  • 3 Ice Cream Recipes You’ll Drool Over This Summer.
  • Essential 5 Tools for Emergencies That Should Always Be with You.

11. Use Strong Adjectives And Verbs

Strong adjectives and verbs allure the readers to click on the title. For example:

  • Smart
  • Surprising
  • History
  • Shocking
  • Hacks
  • Big/Huge
  • Fear
  • Dark

Wrap Up!

Take these 11 points into account to make your blog title captivating and super-attractive and that is how you are going to sail through and outshine others in this internet era.  


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